Speak Life!

The thoughts you think become the beliefs you speak.

And since life and death are in the power of your tongue, it’s important to note what you’re mediating on, because you speak what you believe in your heart.

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You Feel It in Your Bones

“You keep holding it in, but you have to let it out because it’s rotting your bones!”

I said those words to a loved one battling a serious illness, while also battling the sorrows in her soul. Pain so deep she tried for years to make sense of it and find relief, but only ends up rehearsing the wounds inflicted by others.

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How to Be Flawless and Own It!

Bride of Christ. Beautiful in every way.Last week hubby and I saw the movie Acrimony. It’s an insightful film by Tyler Perry reminding us that becoming one flesh in marriage is as much about perspective, as purpose.


But during the previews I peeped the premise of an upcoming release, I Feel Pretty, starring Amy Schumer. And I loved it!

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