Drop the Weight to Run With Endurance

Weight hung around the shoulders of a runner I drove passed on my way to the gym with my daughter. My first thought was, you go girl. And you’re running with weight packs around your shoulders? Good for you!

Until I looked at her struggle in that vest under the oppressive heat. And realized so many of us do life like that. We live weighed down—as if it’s normal and commendable.

Now I understand why she ran with weight around her shoulders. She added a weight training element to her cardio because Lord knows us ladies need to maintain strong bones as we age.

But there’s a difference between running a few miles carrying weight and living years with stuff weighing you down morning, noon, and night.

It's hard to run your race carrying the weight of the world. There's nothing normal about living like this ladies.

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Faith Leads Forward, Fear Holds You Back

Faith leads forward because it’s born of hope and hope is always about expectation—expectation of what’s to come.


It’s looking ahead with anticipation that a good God has good things planned for you. And since He already given you His best in Jesus, what good thing could He possibly withhold from you (Romans 8:32)?

That’s faith and it’s what pleases God.


When faith calls, fear tries to hold you hostage to your past.

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Do You Mean the Message Your Wardrobe Sends?

Message clothing is everywhere these days, from t-shirts to jackets, conveying all types of sentiments.

Every wardrobe choice sends a message. Do you mean what you're saying?

Sometimes the message is clear and relatable, sometimes it’s thought-provoking, and sometimes it’s cryptic—ala First Lady Melania Trump wearing a coat with the words, “I really don’t care. Do U?” on her way to visit detained immigrant children.

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